More Features. Better Support.

Frustrated with your current phone system provider? Request a free consultation to see what Bloomfield Networks is capable of doing for your phone system.

What Makes Us Different

  • We support our product

    Any changes to your phone system is handled by us, with absolutely no charge to you.

  • We are flexible

    Using the most advanced call routing technology, we will make sure you never lose a call & ensure all areas of your building are communicating properly.

  • We won't point fingers

    At Bloomfield Networks, we understand how destructive an issue with your phone system can be to your business. This is why our staff will never add to this stress by blaming you or your employees. Instead, we will use our extensive network background to focus directly on the root cause of the problem and solve it immediately.

  • We won't waste your time

    Say good-bye to ceaseless back-and-forth between your IT team and phone system provider. Allow your staff to concentrate on more important matters, while we maintain all aspects of the phone system in your building or office space.

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